Step 16: The Brew Head, build part 4

Picture of The Brew Head, build part 4
1. Drill a 1/8 in hole through both copper filters once in place (just to make sure they’re aligned.)
2. Assemble the brew head together with the 6-32 3in screw and wingnut.

The problem came up of how to hold the brew head to the boiler body without the later popping out due to water pressure.
One thing I tried was to make the brew head out of a pair of copper hose connectors. The problem was that they were too big, it made the brew head as long as the boiler and screwing them together really tight was no easy because of the restricted grip on the piece. I then came up with the idea of using a simple screw and wingnut to hold everything together. Easy to build, easy to use and cheaper than the first alternative .
god.favored3 years ago
Absolutely Love it, im almost done with mine now:) just cant find a 6-32 screw thats 3 inches long:( closest i can find at my home depot is a 3" thats a number 10 and it just seems a bit big... guess ill have to go to lows...
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