I thought this up after being inspired by all the Altoids kits, The Nalgene vials wouldn't fit in one of those tins so I used an unused travel soap dish that I had. I used the vials so that a small quantity of consumables could be carried without worry about leakage or cross contamination with other items in the kit. Since I had 12 vials of the same size, I decided to make a game as well. In Canada it's called X's and O's, the US Tic, Tac, toe, in the UK  Noughts and Crosses. I drew the game board in the lid with a permanent marker.
The multi-tool came from an after Christmas sale. The eye glass screwdriver is from a Swiss Army knife.
The coins and tokens are dimes and transit tokens.
Other Items:
Ear Plugs
Eye glass tissues
Dental Floss and Buttons
Sewing Needle in a mechanical pencil lead case
Antibiotic cream
Small candy mints
Head ache tablets
Salt and Pepper packets
A pair of disposal Nitrile gloves in a Tyvek envelope

Step 1: The Case

The case measures 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches. It fits together quite well so that it won't come apart accidentally.
<p>This is a pretty awesome idea. The only thing missing is some duct tape. :) Or maybe not. Just a thought. I could see putting some on the bottom or top of the soap container.</p>
Thank you, to make the tape usable you could wrap it around the box to help seal it and to keep the box from accidentally opening.<br>John<br>
it's &quot;noughts and crosses&quot; in the uk
Thank you, I thought it was, but I wasn't sure of the spelling, I'll try and correct it. <br>

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