UPDATE: now cast the outer ring with resin looks much better!!

After seeing all of the Marvel Films, Iron Man, The Avengers etc... i decided to attempt to make a small arc reactor which i could use for a costum party or something. so i began by taking measurement, drawing and modleing a few differnt materials. so here goes!

-aluminuim tubes( differnt diameters)
-Thin Insulated copper wire
-electritioans wire(red, black and blue/purple)
-electritions tape
-clear 10mm plastic sheet
-steel bolts
-steel nuts
-black acrylic plastic
-black high density foam
-11 Blue SMLED's or EL Wire(0.5m)
-a Push switch
-battery holder
-aroldyt glue

Tools you will need:
-screw driver
-soldering iron
-wire cutters
-sand paper
-drill with hole cutting drill bits
- pencil
- measuring tape

Step 1: Cutting to Size

Depending on your size you may need to increase the diameter of the base or decrease it. For mine the diameter was 100mm across. using a compass half the diameter to get the radius and set your compass using a ruler. it should now be set at 50mm. place it on the wood and draw the circle in pencil. you can cut this out by free hand or using a circular drill bit. the circular drill bit cutts out a perfect circle so this is probably best. once it is cut sand all the edges and surfaces as this is the part touching you skin.
you do realize that you entered it into the pocket sized contest, not the hurricane laser contest, right?
My mistake I though I had entered it in both.
i'm interested in how you could comment your last comment earlier than your early comment ( look at time mark)
i know, i thought the same thing the other day when i looked at your comment
The instructables timer thing is messed up.
I did enter it in both, one just came through later.

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