Small knex gun thats awesome for its size. I know its a block but try before you critizise. Fires 10 - 20 feet.

Step 1: The Parts

These are the parts you will need:

5 Red connectors

4 Yellow connectors

2 Yellow rods

1 Green

Red rods (ammo)

1 Elastic band (thicker ones tend to work better)

Step 2: Construct!

Place the yellow connectors on the yellow rod. (shown in pic 1)

Place the red connectors on the yellow rod. (shown in pic 2)

Continue doing this until you have something like pic 3

Step 3: Firing Mechanism

Place the green on the first red connector. (shown in pic 1)

Place the elastic band over the green. (Shown in pic 1)

Twist the elastic band around the green. (shown in pic 2)

Bring the elastic band around the sides. IMPORTANT- You MUST place the elastic band in the bottom gap of the yellow connectors or it won't work! (shown in pic 3)

The elastic band should cover the hole of the end yellow connector (Shown in pic 4)

Step 4: Fire!

Place a red rod in the hole of the first red connector. (shown in pic 1)

Push the red rod so it comes out of the end yellow connector and it should fit nicely into place with the eleactic band. Simply pull back to fire.

WARNING- This can be dangerous so DO NOT aim at a persons face.
this isn't a gun. it is only a slingshot, and even though it can fire reasonably, it is no match for a real gun!
i've seen smaller (just saying)
why does it look as if people are following agent knex's commands or something? it looks like a script that took hours to type
took me a few hours to make and I didn't get it right
 yea me too 
we dont really need instructions for this gun
its a good "gun" but make next time one with trigger
&quot;I know its a block but try before you critizise. Fires 10 - 20 feet.&quot; lol =-) <br/>
it shoots so far.i love it!
you call this a gun?
guys, cmon, give him credit. he took time and built it so people could see what he made.
We just don't like to see people waste their time at making an Instructable on a gun that no one will build.
so. at least he tried
I built it just to prove you wrong. But that probably doesn't matter to you because you probably think I'm some kind of noob that doesn't know anything about k'nex, guns, block triggers, etc.. Am I right?
Not really - It's not bad, Theres just so many that it gets very annoying after a while.
I don't really think the block triggers will stop until they figure out how to create a true trigger, someone creates an instructable on how to create one or maybe they figure out a way to make the block sort of like a trigger.
Or, unless we install communism. I'm actually working on that with Eric.
Working on an instructable for "true" triggers?
Please dont post simple guns like these.
Simple gun are awesome because there eeasy to make
hey first timer here, i made a trigger for the gun and i shot my dang eye!
its not a block to tell u...um but u keep trying.
Well this was very well documented! Good attention to detail and such, although instructions probably weren't necessary. But post something more innovative in the future!
thats it someone is making account copies and is posting lame guns just to piss off the knex community
=cryin out loud= this isnt even a block trigger its a BLOCK yes a BLOCK i repeat BLOCK<br/><br/>it has no trigger and therefore the lowest of the low, but lower<br/>
It is not even securely built!
thats it i am making the list!
can you say oodalumps list???!?
Were you hoping we would all squeal with joy at a gun that shoots at 10-20 feet?
did you try it?
Why would we try it?
wow this looks like the small component that isnt even the barrel on my up-in-coming sniper rifle.... not good...i mean atleast clip pieces on the rods all the way to the end....ugh...another crappy gun
and tell me if thats to mean and i will delete it
oh boy not another no offence and im not gonna build somthing like this hopefully never again

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