Picture of Pocket sized denim paper pad

For a while I have wanted a small graph paper pad to jot down ideas on. Today at a local stationary store I found a nice pocket sized graph paper pad. After remembering several other instructables about binding things with denim, I tried my hand at it.

Here is what I ended up with:
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Step 1: Materials and tools:

Picture of Materials and tools:
You will need:
1. Paper pad,
I used a Rhodia graph paper pad that was 80 sheets and 8.5 X 12 cm, 3.3 X4.7 inches. You can find a pad you like with the lines you like at a stationary store.

2. Jeans,
I used jeans that don't fit me anymore.

3. Velcro,
mine was adhesive but it doesn't really matter.

4. Sharp scissors,
preferably sewing scissors.

5. Hot glue gun and glue,
any glue gun should be fine, but make sure you a few sticks of clear glue to use,you can use normal glue, but it will take forever and a half to make.

6. Ruler and pen.

7. Black binder clips, (Optional)

Step 2: Cut the jeans

Picture of Cut the jeans
Using sharp scissors, carefully cut next to the smaller seam, it should be the one on the outside of the jeans as your wearing them. Cut most of the way up the leg to let it unfold.

After you do this, rip off the top half of the seam on your left.

Step 3: Marking the denim

Picture of Marking the denim
Place the pad in between the bigger seam and the seam that you ripped off. Align to the top of the big seam.

Use a black pen to trace the outline of long sides of the pad. you might want to go over the lines to make them stronger.

Use a ruler to extend the lines.

Then put the pad on the other side of the big seam and repeat with drawing and extending.

Step 4: Cut out your denim

Picture of Cut out your denim
Cut your denim keeping about 1/8 of an inch from your line.
ChrysN4 years ago