Introduction: Pocket Sized Flame-thrower

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an ordinary lighter with extreme capabilities.

PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY before you just say its a lighter with a match stuck to it. (step 3)

Step 1: What You Need

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a adjustable lighter and a sharp knife / pen

Step 2: Crack It Open

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when you remove the trigger and the guard, you might want to remove the sparking device aswell.

*doesnt work after mod*

Step 3: Open the Valve As Much As You Want( Within Reason)

Picture of Open the Valve As Much As You Want( Within Reason)

dont open it too much or it mite explode in your hands (not recommended)

use the plastic thingy in pic 1 like a spanner. rotate, remove, repeat

Step 4: Put It All Back

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Step 5: Optional Thingy

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single use only...

Step 6: Now You Can Burn Metal


i do not take any responsability to any damage done to your property or yourself.


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