Picture of Pocket sized grapple gun
This grapple gun can be used for many things, from grabbing a paper off your friends desk, to getting a hat off a high shelf, this truly is the ultimate mini-tool.
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Step 1: Materials

- 3 Standard Size Staples
- 1 Needle
- Thread
- 1 Black Paper-mate Ball Point Pen
- 1 Key-Chain Clip
- Low-Temp Hot Glue Gun
- Low-Temp Hot Glue Sticks
- Knife of Some Sort
Strongly Recommended
- Hack Saw or Dremel
- Empty Epoxy Putty Tube

Step 2: Saw off Hook

Picture of Saw off Hook
Hold the key-chain clip in tour hand and saw off plastic hook, as seen in picture.

Step 3: Cut Piece of Pen

Picture of Cut Piece of Pen
1)Pull out inside of pen

2)Measure pen against key-chain, pen peice should be about 3/16"-1/4" longer than clip piece.

3)Cut 2 pieces of ink barrel, one about 1" long and the other, about 1/4" long.

Step 4: Glue together pen pieces

Picture of Glue together pen pieces
1)Hot glue 1" ink barrel piece to end of pen barrel piece.

2)Use needle to make sure there are no obstructions in the tube.

Step 5: Glue Pen Pieces to Clip

Picture of Glue Pen Pieces to Clip
Glue the pen pieces to the clip and move trigger up and down a couple times to make sure it can move.

Step 6: Make the Grapple

Picture of Make the Grapple
1)Slide the smaller ink barrel piece onto the needle.

2)Pinch fingers just below ink barrel piece, position staples as evenly as possible, and apply a small bead of hot glue.

3)As a safety precaution I am required to tell you to put a bead of hot glue on the needle tip to dull it.

4)Cut a thread to the length of your desire(I recommend about 4 feet).

5)Tie the thread to the needle(at least a triple knot; very tight) and cut off the excess.

6)Tie the other end of the thread to the clip's bottom loop.

Step 7: Usage and Storage

Picture of Usage and Storage
1)Load the grappling hook into the barrel.

2)Make sure your hand is out of the way of the string.

3)Pull back the switch, and fire.

1)Wrap string around point where clip meets loop.

2)Put grappling hook through key ring, loop around ring, and put through key ring again.

3)Place it all in the empty epoxy putty tube.
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bowmaster20149 months ago
will make when i get the clip where can you get one for a cheap price

u could use paperclips for the hook

cool {-_-} ----+---- /\
looks cool going to get supplize for it tommorow
Dom Toretto2 years ago
I like so cool gonna build with black clip for ninja edition
evilkidjr (author)  Dom Toretto2 years ago
planning on infiltrating an emperor's palace any more
that is the coolest mini weapon i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Me too
hemley5 years ago
 lol, pretty nice. hey does anybody know where I could buy one of da clips cos I'm going mad, i can't find any. raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!! *cough*
irule123 hemley3 years ago
SWEET! This rocks my world!
evilkidjr (author)  hemley3 years ago
r u high?
tlittles hemley4 years ago
or the dollar store
dude at homedepot for 97 cents
i had this keychain for a long time and i thought u could make a launcher out of it but how, well this is the answer. u could probly make a keychain bb gun if u just takeout the ink tube thingymajig and put in a bb.
this is awsome!!
what is weird is that i didnt have a glue gun but i had a key chain but then i got the glue gun but then i lost the key chain>:-)
I am so going to make it once I get the keychain
Delo974 years ago
Hmmmm, I think it would be better if you make it more "fishy":
-use a tri-pointed fish hook with glued needles
-use "fat" fishing line to make it more resistent
Delo97 Delo974 years ago
Hey, I've just discovered that "fat" fishing line has too much shape resistance for being shot whit this
chuperdrac4 years ago
um, is it ok if i use it for a class science fair project?
my teacher said it doesn't have to be original.
evilkidjr (author)  chuperdrac4 years ago
feel free dude, open liscense on this one, giving me credit would be cool, but if you think you'll get a better grade if you say it was yours by all means go for it
awww man, i have to turn it in in 2 weeks. im scared dude
thanx, but i'll give you credit. i mean it was your idea to make it, so yeeah.thnx
xXLab_ManXx4 years ago
i like the desighn for the graple
xXLab_ManXx4 years ago
GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!! \(^-^)/
rubber man5 years ago
great job on desine but why do you put it in the epoxy putty tube?
evilkidjr (author)  rubber man5 years ago
perfect sized holding containr so it doesnt catch on the inside of your pocket or can be used as a utility belt of super annoyingness to people sitting next to you
twonkie125 years ago
that is an awesome design but how far can it shoot. :P
evilkidjr (author)  twonkie125 years ago
6 or so feet
I made a mod: i cut part of the rail for the slider thing to the side, and it functions like a bolt action rifle sorta...
You can buy hooks like the one in this "ible" at wal-mart for 97 cents. I got mine in automotive department by the keys.
ztaffa5 years ago
how long should the needle be
evilkidjr (author)  ztaffa5 years ago
length does not really matter, what is howevrerfuegdfcujfd important is the width, try to give it just a little extra space in the pen tube
--swordy--5 years ago
this instructable is amazin i have made it and it dosnt even take that long
i have made a little change 2 it though and added a fork shaped wire 2 hold the string then when u fire the string just slips of bit by bit =]
evilkidjr (author)  --swordy--5 years ago
post a pic?
Robot Lover5 years ago
i also have that awesome mini hacksaw
try using one of those fishing hooks that have 3 points instead of staples theyd be much stronger :)
originally that was the idea but i decided to make it with staples to make it something everyone can make
Well, everyone who lives near the coast could (should be able to) make it with a three-hooked fishing hook.
Alexxm11295 years ago
Nice work!  I might make one!
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