Step 7: Usage and Storage

Picture of Usage and Storage
1)Load the grappling hook into the barrel.

2)Make sure your hand is out of the way of the string.

3)Pull back the switch, and fire.

1)Wrap string around point where clip meets loop.

2)Put grappling hook through key ring, loop around ring, and put through key ring again.

3)Place it all in the empty epoxy putty tube.
Delo974 years ago
Hmmmm, I think it would be better if you make it more "fishy":
-use a tri-pointed fish hook with glued needles
-use "fat" fishing line to make it more resistent
chuperdrac4 years ago
um, is it ok if i use it for a class science fair project?
my teacher said it doesn't have to be original.
evilkidjr (author)  chuperdrac4 years ago
feel free dude, open liscense on this one, giving me credit would be cool, but if you think you'll get a better grade if you say it was yours by all means go for it
awww man, i have to turn it in in 2 weeks. im scared dude
xXLab_ManXx4 years ago
i like the desighn for the graple
rubber man5 years ago
great job on desine but why do you put it in the epoxy putty tube?
evilkidjr (author)  rubber man5 years ago
perfect sized holding containr so it doesnt catch on the inside of your pocket or can be used as a utility belt of super annoyingness to people sitting next to you
twonkie125 years ago
that is an awesome design but how far can it shoot. :P
evilkidjr (author)  twonkie125 years ago
6 or so feet
Alexxm11295 years ago
Nice work!  I might make one!