This indestructable is about making a pocket sized photo album that can fit in your pocket, purse,or tote without taking a lot of room.


Several pieces of scrap leather, pieces should be bigger than your palm.
Access to a sewing machine.
Spare time
Old photo album
Computer, printer scanner.

The picture is what your album should look like when your done.

Step 1: Getting Started

The album will be made mostly of leather.
Here are the plans for the pages of the album.
For each page you will need:

1of the thin cardboard pieces cut out and with all the lines drawn on it.
4 of the leather squares, each square should be 2x2", remember they are only a frame.
4 clear plastic squares. Rip out some pages from the old album an cut the squares with a utility knife.

After making all the separate parts its time to make the page. To do thos you will need to make a sandwitch of all the parts:

Thin cardboard

To connect all the parts, staple or sew ONLY 3 sides , all except the top.
Do this on both sides and you have completed 1 page of your album, 1 page can hold 4 photos.

Cool. Too bad I don't have access to most of that stuff...oh well. Still pretty awesome though.
interesting idea but where do you get 2in x 2in photo? if you cut the photo you prolly wont get as much of it as you'd would want still good idea
I think he means you have to transfer them to the computer and resize then print them.

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