Picture of Pocket sized leather photo album.
This indestructable is about making a pocket sized photo album that can fit in your pocket, purse,or tote without taking a lot of room.


Several pieces of scrap leather, pieces should be bigger than your palm.
Access to a sewing machine.
Spare time
Old photo album
Computer, printer scanner.

The picture is what your album should look like when your done.
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Step 1: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
The album will be made mostly of leather.
Here are the plans for the pages of the album.
For each page you will need:

1of the thin cardboard pieces cut out and with all the lines drawn on it.
4 of the leather squares, each square should be 2x2", remember they are only a frame.
4 clear plastic squares. Rip out some pages from the old album an cut the squares with a utility knife.

After making all the separate parts its time to make the page. To do thos you will need to make a sandwitch of all the parts:

Thin cardboard

To connect all the parts, staple or sew ONLY 3 sides , all except the top.
Do this on both sides and you have completed 1 page of your album, 1 page can hold 4 photos.

Step 2: More pages + how to make the photos.

Picture of More pages + how to make the photos.
To make more pages just repeat all the steps on page 1.
I recommend having 2 pages in your book that will give you a total of 10 photos in your album. (The cover holds 2)


1 Scan the photos of import them from your digital camera.
2 Copy and paste them into Paint.
3 Copy and paste them into Word from Paint. Word has the Measurements on the sides so you can scale your picture to be 2x2
4 Print and cut out the pictures.

Step 3: The cover.

Picture of The cover.
Making the cover is simple.
Make another one of those thin cardboard pieces.
On ONE side, do as you did before with the clear plastic and leather squares.
On the OTHER side cut out just the leather squares, but in stead of making them as a frame make them as one piece. The diagram will show you how to make the cover.

You can use a clear label maker to add a tittle to your album.

ninjacow2585 years ago
Cool. Too bad I don't have access to most of that stuff...oh well. Still pretty awesome though.
Moomoomilk6 years ago
interesting idea but where do you get 2in x 2in photo? if you cut the photo you prolly wont get as much of it as you'd would want still good idea
I think he means you have to transfer them to the computer and resize then print them.