Pocket sized survival kit made from Lego container

Picture of Pocket sized survival kit made from Lego container
FIRST OFF IF YOU LIKE IT PLEASE VOTE FOR IT IN THE POCKET SIZED CONTEST!!!! This is a simple pocket sized survival kit made from  a Lego kit container. This is simple to make and some steps are optional.
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Step 1: Get supply's together

Picture of get supply's together
Materials needed: picture wire for snares 
                                  duct tape 
                                  a small skewer ( to wrap duct tape around )
                                  electrical tape ( optional )
                                  matches cotton and a match holder 
                                  a couple of band aids 
                                  a few zip ties
                                  a multitool
                                  chap stick 
                                  a penlight
                                  some twine 
                                  and last but not least a Lego kit container

Step 2: Wrap container in tape ( optional )

Picture of wrap container in tape ( optional )
This step is optional but highly recommended because it makes it look allot better and there is allot of electrical tape you can unravel and use. All you do is wrap the container in tape from the bottom up once the bottle is finished being wrapped you can cut a peice of duct tape to cover the label on the lid.

Step 3: Wrap duct tape around the stick

Picture of Wrap duct tape around the stick
This step is really simple all you do is take the stick and wrap the tape around it until you have an amount you think is suitable. 

Step 4: Fill match case

Picture of Fill match case
Once again this step is very simple you just take your cotton and put it in the bottom of the container and then put the matches on top.

Step 5: Put all the stuff in the case and enjoy

Picture of Put all the stuff in the case and enjoy
Now you are almost done you simply have to put everything in to the case and put the lid on. I did this in the following order, multitool on bottom then match case then put penlight between the match case and the wall then stick the duct tape and the chap stick in the gap at the end  then the whistle and compass on top then stuff in the zipties and snare wire on top of that then the band aids on that and last but not least put the string on top of the Band aids and put the lid on. Wow that was a mouthful!! Now if you like it please comment and vote!!!!
camping crazy (author) 2 years ago
Yah you are right I already know some of the basic ways to make and set them but should look into some of the better ways ;)Thanks for commenting!!
Xthinker2 years ago
Having the snare wire is a good idea, however you would be kidding yourself to put that in there without knowing some basic snares. There are some excellent instructables on snares and dead-fall traps, you should check them out.
camping crazy (author) 2 years ago
Thanks!!!! The only problem with using the Lego container is that it is not water proof other than that i find it works great.
RZombie792 years ago
I like that you repurposed a Lego container for your instructable. You were resourceful by using what you had and it is a great container for a survival kit.