FIRST OFF IF YOU LIKE IT PLEASE VOTE FOR IT IN THE POCKET SIZED CONTEST!!!! This is a simple pocket sized survival kit made from  a Lego kit container. This is simple to make and some steps are optional.

Step 1: Get Supply's Together

Materials needed: picture wire for snares 
                                  duct tape 
                                  a small skewer ( to wrap duct tape around )
                                  electrical tape ( optional )
                                  matches cotton and a match holder 
                                  a couple of band aids 
                                  a few zip ties
                                  a multitool
                                  chap stick 
                                  a penlight
                                  some twine 
                                  and last but not least a Lego kit container
Yah you are right I already know some of the basic ways to make and set them but should look into some of the better ways ;)Thanks for commenting!!
Having the snare wire is a good idea, however you would be kidding yourself to put that in there without knowing some basic snares. There are some excellent instructables on snares and dead-fall traps, you should check them out.
Thanks!!!! The only problem with using the Lego container is that it is not water proof other than that i find it works great.
I like that you repurposed a Lego container for your instructable. You were resourceful by using what you had and it is a great container for a survival kit.

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