Picture of Pocket sized survival kit
I know this has been done before, but I thought I'd add my $.02 and make one my way. After looking at a lot of these survival kits I realized that they were missing a lot of things, and adding useless weight.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this kit you will need most of these

-Altoids tin
-Leatherman/ other multool
-Lock back knife (leatherman c301)
-Lighter (Zippo works great)
-Magnifying glass lens
-Matches (wax coated ones work best)
-First aid materials (Bandaids, alcohol wipes)
-Razor blades
-Tape (Medical- 3M transpore)
-Bag (1 gallon zip lock style)
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arcticmom1 year ago
One piece of advise for all survival kits, put the contents in the bag rather than storing the bag separately. When you need something in a hurry from the bottom of the kit, or you need the tin to carry water, etc, the bag keeps the contents from getting dumped out on the ground.
joshabgvghn2 years ago
Phone battery to start a fire
Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
If you're planning on using thread to stitch yourself up (why else would it be in a survival kit, lol), then it is best to use nylon tread, as it is more sanitary. Cotton is unsafe to put into your body. Cotton fever is not a pleasant thing, nor is infection in general.
LinuxH4x0r (author)  Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad I didn't try it yet.
Damn Scary to stitch yourself up. Can't Even Imagine.
Cheaper than a hospital bill. ;)
Best to have both, as nylon is not the best for repairing clothes. As I found out the hard way ;-)
Add one thing-a "can't blow out" candle, the prank ones you all have seen. Light the candle and it will be tough to have it go out, even in windy conditions!
Cartuner557 years ago
why the heck do you need a condom?!?!
lol... everyone who sees that for the first time says the 'zact same thing. In a survival situation it could be used for water carrying. Good question, very good 'ible
and if u have a girl with u and ur about to dye ...
what your tshirt?
Lukas7 crobson3 years ago
HAHA, sharp..
well, if you're about to dye anyway, then you don't need one, because aids won't kill you if you're already dead, but good point though...
the both of you misspelled "Die"
mg0930mg bumpus7 years ago
Wow, we should start an actual group that goes on instructables, just to correct comments. That would be funny. PM me
bumpus mg0930mg7 years ago
Good Idea

Grammar Nazis
WILL62 bumpus5 years ago
hey Bumpus, YOU can't spell either its HEE HEE not he he
pdc bumpus6 years ago
Maybe they were contemplating a hypothetical "haircare situation" rather than a survival situation?
bumpus pdc6 years ago
Mebbe. :P
Or if you wander out of the wilderness into a city and you been in the woods soooooo long that just can't help yourself.

Okay, that's kinda nasty
PCvsMac DIYerr7 years ago
Hold up. - A condom contains spermicide (A chemical that holds and kills off sperm). So would that poison the water!? For hygenic reasons, I prefur NOT to use a condom: To be honest, I dont feel comfortable using one (for holding water...) But other than that it is a good water carrier :)
DIYerr PCvsMac7 years ago
There are some kinds you can get w/o the lube, or spermicide, im pretty sure. But yeah, i know what you mean about the hygenic reasons lol.
Noname23 DIYerr6 years ago
You can buy dry condoms for cheaper then condoms that have spermicide.
u use a condom to carry water
I dont see it? the quality foods thing?
Hey, bears need love too.
Knot715 years ago
Can you get Altoids in the UK?
phonetic Knot714 years ago
Poundland sell them for, you guessed it, £1. Marks and Spencers sell them under their own branding for £1.19, I think.
Altoids at poundland? I've never seen them there before. However I found them at a pharmacy near my friends house for 99p so we get them occasionally.
Yes ... I reckon I know that pharmacy ...
not, of course, to be confused with farmacie (which is very much like a pharmacy except they keep chickens - obviously)
rblee Knot714 years ago
Yes - Try Waitrose. My local one stocks them.
rblee4 years ago
You forgot a signalling mirror. These are small and durable and attract attention over great distances. S&R pilots will tell you that they're much more visible than burning tyres. I'd swap it for a firecracker any time.

Maybe you could do something clever with the bottom of the Altoids tin, although you'd have to stop it getting distorted.
The inside of the lid of the tin can be used as a mirror, if it's clean.
hkrasinski4 years ago
y do u need a condom
BigDave676 years ago
Actually, it is the willow's inner bark not willow that is the natural aspirin. Strip the bark down to the cambium layer, then scrape the inner bark from the outer bark and use this to make a tea. A tea may also be made from the leaves. Please be careful where and how you strip the bark as you can kill the tree.
Lhtrf BigDave674 years ago
about killing the tree, if its camping, you should be careful, but if it depends on your life, it isn't that important, most important thing is you survive, the tree surviving is optional.
aspirin isn't going to save your life however
Sabata Lhtrf4 years ago
Willow are hardy and taking a few small cuttings won't harm the tree. AAMOF, doing so can even make the plant healthier. Also worth mentioning is that many types of can be propagated simply by sticking a branch in moist soil.
Yeah. FYI, a good park keeper's pruning does more damage than this. Trees are very resiliant plants.
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