Pocket-sizet Mini Pneumatic Dart Gun




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Introduction: Pocket-sizet Mini Pneumatic Dart Gun

I wanted an air gun, but I don't have PVC pipes and valves, so I made this!

It shoots everything what you can fit in to pipe. (BBs, potato cylinders, TicTacs)
I also made a special darts for it. (That why it is dart gun)


Step 1: You Need:

- a large syringe
- 2 eraser (you can split one)
- a small pipe (You can get it from pen)
- 3 rubber band
- a small hose
- tissue
- a toothpick

Step 2: Tools You Need:

-second hand

Step 3: Making It:

1. Attach the pipe and eraser to syringe with rubber band (watch picture)
2. it's hard to explain so take a look from second picture
3. Attach the hose (You may need glue)
4. you got a gun!

Step 4: Making Darts

1. Cut toothpick in two piece
2. Cut strip from tissue
3. Roll it around toothpick

This is only one type of dart!

Step 5: Pro Darts

These are way better than normal darts!

Step 6: How to Shoot?

Step 7: Keep Fun!



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    To get aspirin get just go to your local farmesist they gave me mine for free

    i believe that the type of syringe you used was a 'cooking syringe'

    I wish there is more guys like you!

    I wish I had a syringe.Do you know where I can get one?

    Try to ask it from pharmacy . I stole mine from school.

    I don't go to school.Do you pay for one at a pharmacy or do you just ask.It looks powerful in the vid.

    If you have a doctor/physician who gives you flu shots or allergy shots, you can ask for one nicely after they give you the shot or something like that. I got 2 of 3 ml ones that way.

    lol not that kind of syringe haha

    I don't know. I don't think you can get it free. You maybe have to buy something or pay little bit.

    you can get 1 free at a vet office;D

    lol i tryed to steal a syringe from freshman science class but there werent any plunger thingies...

    you could get 1 from a pet doctor for free.i have 1 because my cat was sick and stopped eating so we got 1 to shove wet food down its throught to keep him nourished and hydrated. lol

    That's a really unique design. I once did something like this with a bike pump and a blowgun, but it couldn't be triggered at all.

    how far can it shoot? i wanna make 1 but i need 2 kno what the range is.

    1 reply

    the ranges wouldn't be that good, since the plunger size of the syringe is small, and you can't thrust it that fast (i know, I know, that's what she said,) so yeah, the ranges would be about 5 feet, max. 10 feet if you're lucky

    I used a syrnge and a pen tube but there was no persure

    very nice job!!!!!!1 thing: what are u using for the hose?

    maybe put like a trigger on it or something but GOOD JOB.