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Introduction: Pocket Survival Kit Version 2

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This is a follow up to my previous ible, after some testing and tweaking i have improved my survival tin to pack a bigger punch in the same package... 

Step 1: The Tin

First you need something to pack it all in.

I chose a metal tobacco tin I got from my local surplus store. 

Then I added inner tube sections to hold it closed and some duct tape.

Step 2: The Most Important Thing

Water, without it you will die, so you need to be able to make it clean enough to drink.

I folded up a large ziplock bag and added it into the tin, something to carry/hold water is a must.
I then added 10 water purification tablets, enough for 10 liters of water. 
The tin can be used to boil water, it might not hold much but its better than nothing.

Step 3: Fire

it keeps you warm, keeps the critters away, boils water, cooks food, lights the darkness, provides signal and boosts morale. 

So I added matches(in a small ziplock to keep them dry) and a ferro rod (not pictured in this step) 
Some people would say carry 3 ways to start a fire, well number 3 involves knowledge and sticks.

What if there is nothing in the form of tinder? I added tinder straws (wax impregnated cotton in a straw) a 2cm section will burn for around two and a half minutes. 

Also a cotton ball stretched out, burns fast but sometimes you just need something that will give your main tinder a little help.

Step 4: So Thats the Basics... Right?

Well, you could probably make things alot easier, how about some tools?

I added a wire saw (not known for ruggedness but as a last ditch you never know) 
A segment of hacksaw blade.
Some sand paper (keeps a knife scary sharp) 
and a small knife (not pictured, it will be shown later)

Step 5: Feeling Hungry?

Food, it isn't an immediate need, however those calories you spend building a fire, a small shelter or even gathering all that water will soon stack up. replacing them will help keep you warm and keep your energy up.

I added a length of snare wire, can be used as a lashing or fixing as well as trapping small game.
Plus a small fishing kit, bait can be found easy, plus as a bonus the guts are good for baiting snares.

Step 6: Keeping Sane

So your all set, but its shown that people that keep a log/journal tend to survive better, if your on your own the simple pencil and paper can be a godsend.

so that's what i added, along with a small torch, a little luxury can go a long way.

and I know someone will ask so the torch is a small led and battery pack taken from a cheap lighter/led torch combo. so it was practically free, then i wrapped it in electrical tape to keep it together and to stop it shorting.

Step 7: Repairs.

So now your settled down, awaiting rescue but the hole in your trousers is a little annoying. clothes are your first line of protection from the elements. 

I added a small sewing kit, some e tape wrapped around card, and some duct tape wrapped around card. 

why e tape? it stretches, it can be twisted into cordage (it may not be super strong but its better than nothing) its water proof and its got many uses. 

Step 8: One Last Thing?

So I didnt show some items. the reason is the upgrade to my kit. 

A tool logic survival card. 

It takes up less room than the whistle, ferro rod, compass and multi tool do seperately. however it incorporates...
an emergency whistle, a compass, a magnifying glass, toothpick, tweezers, a ferro rod and a small fixed blade.

Normally I would steer clear of gadgets, but this is a real luxury and bonus, compact and it keeps everything close so its not as easy to lose the compass etc.

The blade is modified, as standard it is a chisel ground part serrated blade, however not really ideal for its purpose. 
So it has been modified onto a v ground plain edge, easier to maintain, and can handle heavier tasks.

Step 9: Pack It Up

Just a step to show although it seems like a lot, it fits comfortably in the tin

Step 10: The End?

Well some advice. 

This is by no means a copy everything I've done and think you will live fine with nothing more.
Take this as advice, build a kit that has what you would need in it for the area your in. 
knowledge weighs nothing, so learn as much as you can from basic shelter making to snares and more, youtube is full of useful info.

the last thing to add is a survival kit is useless if you don't carry it, I'm not saying carry it 24/7 But if you are going on a hike or camping etc, make sure to have it in a pocket, just in case you are separated from your pack.

Always tell 2 trusted people where you are going, when you will be back and leave them your route if possible, it seems the day hike claims the most people because they go out without telling anyone. 

Step 11: Mmm Pie

If you got this far than I hope you never need a kit such as this, thank you for reading 

feel free to comment, I will do my best to answer any questions.



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    hey don't know if you still fancy this site but the sand paper is a great idea. cheers mate

    love the kit! and its a smart instructable! well done :)

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