Pocket/Mini Crossbow Tutorial (DISCONTINUED)




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Introduction: Pocket/Mini Crossbow Tutorial (DISCONTINUED)

This is me in the process of making my Mini crossbow.
If you need a more detailed tutorial, go to TopDIY's "Make a real mini crossbow!"

100% credit to TopDIY for this crossbow

NOTE: i am making two at a time so i will make the start better.
I hope this tutorial helps :)

NOTE: Instructable still is progress

What you will need:
Wood (at least 1.2cm thick)
Sheet metal (1mm thick approx.)
Wood saw
Metal saw
Vice (optional)
Sandpaper for metal
Sandpaper for wood
File for metal (optional)
File for wood (optional)
A type of stiff wire
Hacksaw blade or any kind of metal like it, for the limbs
Cable or strong rope
(more tools/supplies will be added soon, when i get there)




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    oh yes!!!!!! by looking at the coin in one of the pictures i take it your a new zealander too!!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    Finally got it finished. Had a right carry on with the trigger!
    Image on my page :)

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    Oh, and by the way, mind voting for my 3 ibles on the contest?
    If you do I'll vote for yours :D
    The Lego HMS Victory, Lego Warthog Armoured Car, and the "How to make smoke for model rockets" one.

    Thanks in advance :D

    yeah I'll do that for you bud. No problem!

    Can't seem to add a picture in the comment box. If you go on my profile you can see what I've done ?

    Hope you get to make another one!

    1 reply

    Jut got this done this morning!

    how far along have you got? Would love to see the finished product ?

    3 replies

    I lost it, my mum was probably cleaning and and put it in a drawer or threw it out -.-

    Ah no way! Sorry about that bud.

    This is taking me a while...

    (I don't have any electrical tools...)

    No problem :)

    I just voted for you in the woodworking challenge

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    Moarrr me want more, looks cool by the way , can't wait to see it finished.

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    Your gonna get more :D do you think your going to make it?