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    8 years ago

    It's a nice effort, but I think you need to understand the Joule Thief circuit better: - The wiring for the transistor can only work for U.S. (2Nxxxx type) transistors. European and Japanese transistors have a different pin-out and will not work as you have it. - The LEDs should be wired in parallel to maximize the coil's output. - The switches will not turn off the JT circuit, so it will continue to run (and waste electricity). Also, if your coil is properly made, you will get about 40 volts from it, which will probably burn out your transistor. - There is no need to fill the toroid with so many turns of wire - you may find that with 10 or 12 turn, the lights would be even brighter.

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    Is there a formula for calculating the number of coils to use, given the properties of the transistor, toroid, etc.?

    Excellent Captain Molo. You've got my vote for the pocket sized contest. Way to go!

    Very nice! I will be defiantly be getting around to this on (if I remember). A couple of questions though, does it have an on/off switch? Sorry if I missed something, and also, would there be a way to implement a flip switch to switch between the flashlight and the lamp?

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    yes there are seperate switches for the lamp and the flashlight, so you can have either or both on.