For Christmas, my brother bought me 100 grams of caffeine. since then, I have been thinking of various things to put it in. it always seems, however, that when I think of something to put it in, I don't have my "supplies" handy (I'm not going to carry around a scale, weigh paper, scoop, bag, etc.). so I decided to make a quick solution of caffeine to add to drinks whenever necessary.

IMPORTANT CAUTION: caffeine is a drug. it's not a controlled substance, it's not illegal, but it's still a drug. as with all drugs, don't try to prove your manhood by gobbling three grams (that would be near instant death in nearly everyone), and make sure that you always weigh it exactly to avoid overdoses. also, repeated use can be addictive (no studies to cite, just personal experience with withdrawal symptoms), and can cause insomnia (again, personal experience). don't use this in situations where you wouldn't drink two cups of coffee, because that's basically what's going on here.

Step 1: Quick Notes and Things You'll Need

some might think an aqueous solution would be simple, but I'm going to discuss some general caffeine handling things and techniques along the way. also, the end result is slightly interesting to me, because you'll end up with a supersaturated solution of caffeine. I don't know why that's so cool to me, but it just is.

what you'll need (apart from readily available things):

itty bitty bottle
--(mine is a bottle from some candy flavoring, but any will do) - mine was .125 fl. oz, and it worked extremely well.
--(make sure it can read down to at least ten milligrams [.01 grams]. you'll want to be exact.)
caffeine powder
--(note on caffeine powder: it's really not hard to get. it's not a controlled substance at all, and my brother got me 100 grams [1000 100-mg doses] for around 7 dollars. ebay would be a grand place to get it.)
<p>CVS pharmacy sells a bottle of caffeine &quot;caplets&quot; (white pills shaped like capsules), with 200 mg of caffeine in each pill. The cost for 60 pills is about $7.50, which works out to 6.25 cents per 100 mg dose.</p><p>Instead of drinking coffee in the morning to feel more awake, I swallow one or two of those caplets, for a total of 200 or 400 mg. Two caplets might make you feel jittery if you are not used to it -- so if you try this, you might want to start by taking 1 caplet or even 1/2 caplet the first time.</p><p>I have just started experimenting with dissolving one or more of those caplets in hot water or brewed coffee, but I do not have any results to report yet.</p>
Next are you going to show us how to mix it with Bailey's and drink it out of a shoe?
mm, creamy.
that stuff can be incredibly dangerous if not handled and used appropriately. I'm not sure encouraging the general public to play with it is the best idea.
There's probably an instructable on how to effectively throw dynamite sticks. Although yeah, be careful with caffeine man.
I'd really rather tell people how to handle it properly and make people aware of the dangers rather than just ignoring the fact that it's widely available. and besides, if you look at the related instructables sidebar I'm not the only one writing instructables about caffeine powder.
Unless the glass is specifically labeled as okay for microwaving you shouldn't. You risk eruption/explosion/scalding/glass shrapnel/etc. Use some pyrex or other microwave safe container for this step, not a random glass bottle.
that's a good point. I shall add a note in the instructable.

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