This is a very complex Instructable, but is absolutely worth the effort.

This is NOT a kit, but 100% completely HANDMADE!

I looked at some tutorials online, but none of them really matched what I wanted to accomplish. After days of calculating and doing over 10 different test runs, I came up with the perfect pocketfold invitation that fits in a standard invitation envelope.

After you do a few of them, they get really easy. These are very time consuming, and you will  need to spend several days making them. It also helps if you  have your bridesmaids or groomsmen helping! Make sure to keep the measurements for cutting on hand at all times, as you'll need to keep referring back to them.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- 8.5" x 11" Card stock (Found at Staples)
- 7/8" Ribbon (I recommend buying it in bulk on eBay - otherwise this will be very pricey!)
- Paper Cutter
- X-Acto Knife
- Contrasting card stock for inside and monogram background
- Circle Paper Punchers (1.5" and 2")
- Score Board (Mine is Martha Stewart - Found at Michaels)
- Bone Folder
- Permanent Double-Sided Tape - 7/8" (LOTS!)
- Envelopes - 4.75" X 6.5" (for main envelope) and 3 5/8" X 5 1/8" (for RSVP Return Envelopes)
- Microsoft Publisher or another design program (photoshop, paint shop pro, indesign, etc.)
- Address Labels (for Envelopes and RSVP envelopes)
- 3 $0.44 stamps (2 for sending, 1 for guests to return their RSVP)
- Pinking Shears
- Pencil or Pen
- Ruler
- Paper Clips (to attach stamp to RSVP envelope)
- Sticker Paper (for making sticker sealers for the envelopes - found at Staples)
<p>what poundage of cardstock did you use</p>
How do I figure out the guidelines for cutting the parts out? Which program did you use? I'm on Microsoft word and I can't figure it out for the life of me
What size is the actual invitation piece? As in the white piece with date/time/location/ride/groom/parents that is taped onto the other colored card stock.
hello i love these, and ive been struggling to find exactly what i want, do you perhaps still have the template?
How much did it cost you to make these invitations? And how many did you make?
FYI: The last score is a measurement of 2 3/8&quot;, not 3/8&quot;.
What font did you use?
<br> I really like these invites, we may be using your ible as I find it difficult to shell out the &quot;expected&quot; amount for pre-made invites.<br> <br> In step 5, The description says the large piece is scored at <strong>3/8&quot;</strong> and 7&quot;, the picture shows <strong>2-3/8&quot; </strong>and 7&quot;. Im guessing it's just a typo in the description.<br>
wax circle over paper circle?
One thing that might make it easier to do this part is to make a template out of heavy quilt plastic; you wouldn't have to worry about the edges getting worn after a lot of uses, and you could even use it as a cutting template if you were careful. <br><br>BTW, this is a really cool invite.
The result look awesome ! Great job.<br>I wouldn't have had the patience to do this.<br><br>What we did, as my (now wife ;-) ) is a primary teacher, is ask the 6y old children from her class to draw something for our wedding. I then took some of these drawings and designed something in Photoshop. But then we just printed all invitation on a professional laser colour printer I have at work.
Lovely invitations!&nbsp; I had almost exactly the same invitation, but I ordered mine online.<br> <br> Just a warning for others: This can easily go over the weight limit and may need hand sorting which costs extra. Envelopes must be flexible to be machinable, and anything over an ounce costs more. Even if it isn't too inflexible, the addition of ribbon might make it hand-sort only. I used similar invitations, and I had to spend $1.44 on stamps for each one. Sending out 70 of these wasn't exactly cheap, and it was time consuming putting on all the extra stamps - plus it got a bit ugly after I'd spent all that time making them pretty. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do this!! It just means you should budget the postage into the invitation cost.
YES - we had to use two $0.44 stamps for this invite. If you plan ahead, make sure you use stamps that look nice together on the front :) <br><br>We did a 'king and queen' love theme. One stamp was the king of hearts and the other was the queen of hearts. Perfect combo!

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