You can see the full build log here.

Emy R6:E1, was the second Droid I made, however, she was the first fully mobile one. She is a replica of an R6 Astromech, basically an R2D2 below the shoulders with a different head. Zoe who came later was much more sophisticated as I had learnt a great deal about making a fully radio control Droid with Emy. Emy has gone through three incarnations so far. She started life painted red with a flat head, moved onto her final colours, metallic purple, then recently had a major electronic overhaul. I am thinking that maybe this summer she might get a new paint job and new colours. 
Emy is mainly built from wood with a few Alloy details on the vents and grills. MDF is the main wood chosen as it is very easy to work with. She is completely scratch built and took over a year to make. 
The very first Droid I created was an R2D2 computer case mod but in creating this is learnt a great deal about how I would approach a fully mobile build. Emy has evolved over the years she has taken to build and as I learn new things those are applied to her build. A good example of this would be the wheel material I used. In the early days Emy ran on nylon wheels and very cheap front casters. Her latest wheels are much more hi tech in line skate wheels plus I have added suspension to each of her feet allowing her to glide along without a sound. 
Her specifications are: 
Drive ESC Sabretooth Dual 25x2 
Dome ESC Sabretooth Dual 12 x2
Radio. Spektrum DX8, Plus two 12Channel RF units giving a total of 32 Channels.
24v Drive system through two 120w Electric motors, belt driven.
12v electrics, LED's and the rest
Three 12v 22Amp SLA batteries.
3" Touch screen panel in radar eye running princess Leia message
Working Periscope and life form scanner.
Working utility arms, holo's, disc loader in radar eye, telescopic arm
Fire extinguisher and water spray.
Lot and Lots of LEDs', most are sound reactive.

The finish on Emy is much rougher than Zoe as I wanted a very worn and used look, hence the fake rust and damage.
Both the Droids have their own characters and certainly look great when working together. They both have onboard sensors that trigger sounds on each when they come near each other giving the illusion that they are communicating.

A less metal astromech. I love it I want to make a r5-x2 or k6 and this gives me some other ideas.

Wow, Brilliant work!
jguzman171 year ago
Thanks for the Info.
jguzman171 year ago
Where do I get the little grills that go in front
podpadstudios (author)  jguzman171 year ago
You can pick up resin ones pre cast by the R2 builders club. I build all my own now as I find metal ones last much, much longer at public events.
For resin parts UK go here:
For the US I am not to sure, best bet is to search R2D2 PARTS on ebay or enquire at www.
taria2 years ago
Oh I am so gonna build one. where to put it after it's done is another I want one though.
Wowsa, well done!
rc jedi2 years ago
Looks easy, but it is a long term project. I had a time with getting the foot drive working reliable. I used 100 watt scooter motors and # 25 chain. power is 4 3cell lipo batteries in parallel for 16 ah. Sabre dual speedcontroller. a drill turns the dome. mine is the no longer available aspects superdome. holo projector and main scanner eye is bondo. Mine still has some detail work to do, but is great on halloween. Otherwise, he is just in the way.
podpadstudios (author)  rc jedi2 years ago
Very nice, always nice to see other Astromech builders
grey_starr2 years ago
It looks great!... Seriously - that droid must weigh a ton!
podpadstudios (author)  grey_starr2 years ago
She weighs in at 63kg
rc jedi2 years ago
Oh, and the little kids don't know starwars, they called r2 "Walley"!
shotz90s2 years ago
This IS the droid I'm looking for! Ok, this is really cool. I'm so jealous of your talent sir. I would like to make one that has a cooler for a head and pops out cold ones on hot summer nights.
My god that is amazing you should easily get a job with Lucasfilm (now Disney!:(
With that fantastic work!!!
doodlecraft2 years ago
Wow, AMAZING! :)
You , sir, are a true artist. I had some ideas how to start building one, after just thinking about it for many years, but after seeing yours I retreat in shame, hah!
Truly you should be proud of your droid, it is very impressive.
sparten112 years ago
I think I am going to build my droid out of Lexan and a lot of lighting. It will set it off. once my new laser cutter gets here i will start to layout the body and legs etc. I will have to make a form for the dome and melt the lexan over it.
Honus2 years ago
That is a mighty fine Astromech Droid you have there!
mckeephoto2 years ago
Oh, man! That is very cool. I am with HomuraRun: I wish I could build this! Hmm... Think I need to find a tutor...
birdboy II2 years ago
What did you use for the tubes on the feet?
podpadstudios (author)  birdboy II2 years ago
I am not to sure which tubes you mean. The feet hoses are plumbing hoses painted bronze and the ankle cylinders are bits of old plastic tube, overflow pipe of a sink.
Reesol2 years ago
Wow terrific!
HomuraRun2 years ago
I wish I could build stuff like this... IT'S AWESOME!
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Sweet!!! Great job! I would love to build one if I had time.
Tomdf2 years ago
This droid is really sweet, I can't believe it's MDF. Very tight craftsmanship, gj!