Poetry Art!!





Introduction: Poetry Art!!

Welcome to this fine animation, today i'll be showing you guys how to connect pictures to the words of a poem...

Step 1: Materials That Were Used..

Step 2: Process of the Making

In this picture is the process of the making of this poetry art, at first, I had to plan of where everything had to go and what I was going to do in each segment..

Step 3: During the Process

During each segment, I had to figure out right away of what I had to do, to have performed what I did

Step 4: The Poetry

The poetry I had chosen had to match each and every picture, I had, the poem that I made myself is called Sometimes, I think, you people will be able to see in the video of what I written, and I do apologize if the video is fast..

Step 5: Final Touches

In the finale of the animation, I made some final touches, so it would great and awesome, I hope all you guys like it!! :D

Step 6: Video of the Poetry Art...



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    I REALLY like how you used the PAN and ZOOM features in the animation. It adds a whole new element to your video. I can't wait to see it with sound.