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Introduction: Pog Table

Ever wonder what to do with that pog collection from the early 90's? Don't throw away your childhood memories.. Preserve them!

Step 1: The Table

Acquire a glass topped table in any shape! Find it cheap free or filthy!

Step 2: The Pogs

This particular table consisted of ~400 Pogs.

Step 3: The Glue

You will want a strong, fast drying epoxy that dries clear. I used Lepage speed set and it worked great!

Step 4: The Everything Else

Disposable sponge brushes, gloves, stir stick and bowl for mixing and applying the epoxy, a razor blade or knife.. Also wine because it's delicious.

Step 5: Choose Pogs

Step 6: Apply Epoxy to the Face of the Pog

Step 7: Be Sure to Apply a Generous Amount of Epoxy to Avoid Marks

Step 8: Place Pogs Face Down on the Glass

Step 9: Start in the Middle and Move Outward Until They Hang Over the Edge. Let Dry.

Step 10: Trim the Pogs Around the Edge

Step 11: Put the Glass Back in the Frame

Step 12: Done!



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    Can I put pictures in a comment? Sorry, don't get on here a lot.

    I made three small pog tables.

    This is the first time since I was ten that I've wished I still had my pogs. Awesome!

    Cool idea - but my question is - where did you get such a groovy table?!?

    Hahaha POGS! So did everyone else just make up their own rules every time?

    Thanks! Yes I still have a few hundred left (also they are easily found at thrift stores for dirt cheap) as well as a lot of slammers which will likely show up in another craft soon.

    What an awesome idea! Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

    like a moment frozen in time. Animaniacs, Batman returns, the lion King. I love the 90's. Great work!

    This is very cool! It's a great idea to glue them to the bottom of the glass so they are protected but you can still see them!

    You have SO MANY POGS! That is pretty sweet! Do you still have enough to play with?