Introduction: Poi Handle

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Let's make poi handle. I know they come in pairs, but I believe you will figure out how to make second one.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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You will need:

  1. Leather belt. (Can be found in closet, second hand store etc.)
  2. bolt (5mm (1/5") diameter and 15mm (3/4") in lenght)
  3. Hex nut with nylon insert.
  4. 2x washers.
  5. carabiner, 3mm (1/8")
  6. carabiner.
  7. Svivel (Bought at fishing store)

fastening can be found in any hardware store.

Step 2: Tools

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I'll show two ways to make handle choose one depending on tools you have.

Both ways you will need:

  1. Scissors
  2. ruler
  3. marker
  4. and something to make holes I used hole puncher (second photo).

If you have rivet gun (third photo), I recomend to use rivets instead of bolt (fourth photo). If you dont it's not a big deal in addition you will need only:

  1. screwdiver
  2. pliers (not pictured)

Step 3: Cuting Strap

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Cut a lenght of strap long enought to comfortably fit your fingers in loops. I used 30cm (1') long piece.

Step 4: Find Middle of Strap

Picture of Find Middle of Strap

Just like in picture above.

Step 5: Mark Holes

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Put washer over carabiner and put a mark. Do it again on other side.

Punch both holes and mark inner holes like shown in third photo. Then punch them too.

Step 6: Securing

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If using bolt put washer on both sides, put bolt trough adn screw a nut.

While riveting make sure straps are well presed together, for that reason I placed big hex nut under a washer and put presure on rivet from above.

Results of both ways shown in third photo.

Step 7: Assemble Handle

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put handle, svivel and carabiner as shown in photo.

Step 8: Results

Picture of Results

My poi with new handles.

Hope instructable was usefull. Sorry for grammar and drawing skills.


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-03

Very nice use for an old leather belt, looks like it will work really well for your poi. You should think about entering this into our First Time Authors Challenge.

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