Picture of Poinsettia Pin
Poinsettias are classic for the holiday season!  Celebrate in style with this cute pin made with a Silhouette!

I saw this poinsettia pin posted the other day and thought it would be fun to make a plastic and vinyl version using the Silhouette Cameo! It is a fun little accessory to wear during the holidays! It is easy to make and can be pretty cheap too!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You have some choices on your materials, but basically you will need...

  • Plastic (I got a sheet of Polypropylene at Tap Plastics in San Fran) or Transparencies - or you can just use the plastic from a product case (like those things you just can't get open to get to your scissors)
  • Silhouette Cutter
  • Vinyl Stickers - (2 colors) you can use your color of choice, I used silver and gold because I had them and SHINY
  • Exacto Knife and Cutting Board
  • Pins
  • Brads - I had a variety to choose from, just make sure they have thin "stems"

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Let's cut these guys out!
I first scored my plastic with the Silhouette Cameo. For one pin you need: 2 of the large ones, 1 medium and 1 small.

I'm not providing the file since the design is for sale in the Silhouette Design Store (it is 3D Poinsettia Flower by Lori Whitlock, I saw it is on sale for 50 cents right now!). I resized all of them with the largest being about 2.5 inches from top tip to the bottom of the bottom two leaves. Make sure you resize them all together including their center circles.

I did use the Silhouette to score my plastic, but it was too thick (or I just couldn't figure it out) to cut all the way. I then cut out the scored pieces with an exacto.

I cut them out the best I could and then trimmed the edges a bit. You don't have to trim too much now if you don't want to, cause I trimmed later once the stickers were on.

nice one friends haha

I love these. Especially the blingy one! :D
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
My fav too!