Point Up Zonker Sculpin




Introduction: Point Up Zonker Sculpin

This fly is made to mimic a sculpin. Sculpins are a common food source for large trout and other large predatory fish in lakes and rivers. These fish have fat heads and drastically tapered bodies with very small tails. They tend to stay close to the bottom, which is why this fly has lots of weight to keep it down. Also, I made this fly to sit hook point up, which will help keep it from snagging on the bottom.

Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - size 1/0
Thread: Danville's 210 waxed - Bright orange
Fins: Partridge tail feather
Body Wrap: Cactus chenille - Orange
Body Material: Magnum Rabbit Zonker Strip - Orange or tan
Back Material: Bull Frog Dubbin - Amber --- Mixed with Starburst Dubbing - Light orange
Eyes: 3D eyes - 4mm - Gold
Head Cement: Hard as hull
Eye Adhesive: Fletch tite
Weight: Lead wire - 0.015 size -- Cone head: 6mm



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