Do you want to learn how to laser cut? Or do you already know how to use one but want to make something utterly pointless? Then continue reading.

Step 1: SketchUp

Open sketchup. delete the small dude standing there. Now use the rectangle tool to make a rectangle that is 6" long by 5" wide. Using the draw tool make a 1/4" line going towards the center of the rectangle near the center of each side. (The video in this will clear it up it's highly suggested you watch it.) For every 1/4" line make a 3/4" line at the top then an other 1/4" line going towards the edge of the rectangle these are your "key holes."

Step 2: The Sides

For each side you want to start off by creating a "key" for the notch make the same shape. Once thats done make the base of the sides make a line from the key that is the length of the base. Use the Arch Tool and make a 6" wide arch on both ends of the "base line.

For the two sides on the short ends make an other key on the top of each.

Step 3: Top

Make another rectangle the same size as the first one (6"x5") and two "key holes" that the keys on top of the two sides will fit in.

Step 4: Cut

When you are ready to cut you will need to save your file as a DXF. This may or may not be necessary to do this but I have to for the one I used. You will need to scale your box to the right size, this laser cutter uses millimeters so multiply 25.4 by 12 and you will get a nice sized box. Again this might be different with the laser cutter you're using.

Step 5: Put It Together

Pretty strait forward and any adhesive will work, I used hot glue because it sets fast.

Step 6: Bipitty Bopitty Boo

Your pointless box it finished!

at picture 1 I thought this was a full size table. very cool
<p>It may be pointless, but it looks really cool! </p>

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