Pointy-Tool Pincushion





Introduction: Pointy-Tool Pincushion

Some tools can be very sharp and dangerous if not organized correctly. We're sure you'd rather pull your tool out of a styrofoam board instead of reaching into a dark, cluttered tool drawer and risk puncturing your hands.

You can easily make a wall mounted pincushion using Styrofoam and plywood.  

To make you pincushion, you'll want to glue your foam to 1/2 in plywood. Leave a 1 in border. You'll want to use PL 500, which is a foam compatible adhesive to glue the foam down. Let the glue dry for a couple of hours. Screw you plywood into a shop wall. Punch the holes using your screwdriver. Once mounted, fill it up!

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    I work at a computer repair center, we have tons of high density foam that I collect.
    I'm gonna try this out this weekend with a few squares.
    Maybe I can hang up by blow gun darts too.,

    Great idea.


    Dangerous storage ! Fall onto ithat and your head will look like a strainer !

    hung behind a bench, you're unlikely to fall near it. 's a good idea. I like it.

    I agree, the idea is very good. I just wanted to point out the danger.

    If you are prone to falling, a workshop is no place for you. This is a good idea for me. My tools will stay clean in the open because my workshop isn't nasty..

    You may fall without being prone to falling, you know ?
    Or maybe you are Superman ?
    Most accidents happen to people who feel strong enough and don't wear safety equipments.

    Neat idea, specially since it's easier to come by than "more advanced" space saving solutions.

    One question though, how long does it last? I expect the heavier tools at least to wear out the foam at some point...