Poison Ivy Costume





Introduction: Poison Ivy Costume

Here are step by step Instructions on how to make an amazing looking poison ivy costume!

Step 1: First, Start With the First Leaf!

Get a leotard or a tank top, I used black, you may want to use a dark green color. 

Buy a bunch of fake leaves (ivy recommended) 


Find some green thread and sew it through the leaf a couple times. Make a knot then cut off the extra.

Step 2: Second, Complete the Bust!

Completely cover the bust with leaves, make sure to only sew single leaves, sewing more than one leaf will prevent the leotard/ tanktop from stretching as you try to fit into it!

Step 3: Third, Completely Cover the Front!

This will take a while, pop in a movie and get to it!

Step 4: Fourth, Cover the Back!

Just keep doing it, you got this!

Step 5: Last, Accessories Time!

For the Barrette, just hot glue a couple leaves onto it.

For the mask, do the same and make sure you cover it all completely!



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    7 Discussions

    cool, but; toooo much leaves ;)


    4 years ago

    Niiiiiice :)

    WOW!! If you were poison ivy you wouldnt need mind control lipstick to get me to do your bidding! AWESOME costume, & you have a FABULOUS pair of legs, if you dont mind me saying!