Picture of Poke Ball Costume
Who doesn't want to be a Poké Ball for Halloween?

This costume was originally made for cosplay at NYCC this year, but obviously can be used as a Halloween costume. I got the idea from a WFW video. This is a great last minute costume; Its really easy and cheap and only takes only a tee shirt, craft foam, belt, and shorts. 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- Fitting red tee shirt
-White/light colored pair of shorts or pants
-Black belt
-Thick black craft foam board
-White craft foam board, preferentially with an adhesive side
-Glue (If you don't have adhesive craft foam)
jennellio3 years ago
i see we have a wongfu fan here. phil had a great idea with that
Tomcat943 years ago
Simple, yet effective.

Just make sure you get your target's HP to critical before trying to catch them. ;P
Awesome! I'm just imagining a group of people dressed up as all the different ball types.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Excellent! And so simple!
I have never seen a Poke Ball costume. Very cool!