Step 10: Bisque Firing

Bisque firing pottery is a pretty simple process; however, I don't think I could explain how to bisque fire pottery as well as this article on about.com can.

Be careful when removing the earrings from the kiln! Unless you know the kiln has completely cooled down, you run the potential risk of burning yourself. You do *not* want to know what it's like to get burned by hot pottery.

Once the earrings have gone through the first bisque firing, you can move on to applying the overglaze to the earrings.
These are very nice, why an under-glaze vs a glazed color? You can actually fire the twice if you feared color running. I assume this is a low fire glazed at a cone 06? Porcelain would be fantastic to use with this, it would really help the color pop. Another idea instead of drilling while the clay was still in green ware or leather hard you could take a straw or tube to create your hole. Your art instructor might also have piercing tools, which could be used as well. Now, when you said you had issues with breakage, my suggestion would be to carve on it as it's leather hard, it won't be as malleable but you won't have the breakage issue you would when the clay is bone dry. I hope your friend loved the gift, there is a really great feeling when someone appreciates hard work from the heart. I know when my art students take the time and work hard on a project I am always tickled when the gift repentant understands it is very much more than the piece of art to the artist. Nice job and good luck in the contest, you did get one of my votes.
First off, I wanted to thank you for the vote in the contest. I doubt these will get very far, because they're just earrings, but I do appreciate the vote anyway. ^_^ <br> <br>I wanted to use regular glaze colors, but my art teacher only had earthen toned glazes-- no regular solid colors. :S <br> <br>Also, porcelain was a bit too expensive for our art department (our art department will have even more budget cuts by next year too! :C), but if I get the chance to make some out of porcelain, I'll definitely update this with a few pictures of them! <br> <br>Yes, leather hard clay would have been much easier to work with than what I was doing. I should have done that in the first place, but I did what I could. :P <br> <br>She did indeed love the earrings! She was ecstatic, even! I'm holding on to a pair of these earrings for my mother for this upcoming mother's day, so I hope she'll love them just as much. :P <br> <br>Again, thank you for the vote and suggestions. Who knows, maybe I'll have another chance at working with clay one day, and I'll make something even better! <br> <br>Best Regards, <br>~ Tomcat94
You will adore working with porcelain clay, because of the low grog it's very very smooth. It is a little more expensive than stoneware, but you might become addicted to it once you get your hands on it! The underglaze will really pop on porcelain as well. When I used underglaze I put it on bisque ware and fire, check to see if I need more, at times it's hard to see the glaze, I'm sure you have noticed. Sometimes I get it a second coat and fire again. Either way until I'm 100% done with it I don't add the clear glaze. Things smear less then. Does your teacher have a bead rack? If s/he does great way to glaze all sides of your piece! I'm sure your mom will love the earnings! And you are of course very very welcome for the vote. Don't discount your entry, if there is one thing I have noticed in all my years on instructables, the judges are very good about being versatile in their picks what is important is a well written instructable and you defiantly have that! Good luck!
Nice work!!!!

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