Introduction: Pokadot Pencil Cup

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This is a very easy and quick project to spice up any pencil cup or container.
I do not recommend trying to do strips on the shape container I used it's very hard to get them to look right.
I use things I had on hand and I really love the way to came out.

Step 1: Material

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For this project I used a
Rubbing alcohol
Frog brand painters tape
Two in one sharpie
High gloss purple spray paint
And this little sliver flower pot I had

Step 2: The Design

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1 Decide on the design you want to use than draw it out on the painters tape.
2 clean the container with rubbing alcohol.
3 cut out the design and apply to the clean container
4 make sure that you press the tape in to any creases I recommend using you thumb nail to press the tape

Step 3: Sanding

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Little lay sand around the tapes design to help the paint adhere better. The sand paper in the picture is 400 grit wet dry sand paper

Step 4: Painting

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Clean the container with rubbing alcohol again than paint follow the instructions on the paint can I did two coats of high gloss purple.
Make sure that the paint you use is ok to use on the marital you are painting.

Step 5: Finish the Project

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Let the paint dry completely and peal the tape off.
If the edges did not come as clean as you wanted I recommend out line the edge in a sharpie.
This will also work to add more color if you outline in a different color.


Sk8ty (author)2014-08-19

thanks please vote for me

seamster (author)2014-08-19

Nice, easy project. Thanks for sharing this!

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