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Introduction: Poke Ball Treat Bag

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Every Pokemon Trick or Treater needs a bag to catch all his or her loot. Why not use a Poke Ball bag?

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Ready made canvas tote from craft store
Mine is about 14x14

Red, white, black felt

Black dimensional (puff) paint

Pencil (optional and not pictured)

Two round objects to trace (one a little smaller than the first)

Glue gun and extra glue sticks

Scissors (not pictured)

Step 2: Attach the Top and Bottom

Use a dinner plate to trace or just cut a half circle out of the red and then the white felt. Make these shapes big enough to cover the bag. I only did one side of the bag because my son's Umbreon costume took me a while! Hot glue the red on top and white on bottom.

Step 3: Add Black Felt

1 Add a strip of black felt across the middle

2 Add a black circle (either traced around larger round object or hand cut) to middle of strip

3 Add a white circle (either traced around smaller round object or hand cut) on top of black circle

Step 4: Use Paint on Bottom of Poke Ball

To give the poke ball shape, trace the white felt with black dimensional (puff) paint. Let this dry for many hours! Keep away from curious pets and kids or you will have a mess (trust me, I got it all over my clothes after telling my son to be careful).

Step 5: Ready to Fill With Loot!

This Umbreon is ready for Trick or Treating! See how I smeared the paint? :( mom fail but son still happy! Yay! Happy Halloween!



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    I'm not even a Pokemon fan, but this is super cute!

    Yes, thank you. I have edited twice but no luck. :(

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    Oh, looks like you fixed it. ?

    WUVIE: I think it's okay now?

    Hello Parisusa, just a mention, it appears part of your Instructable may have accidentally been deleted. The title of your tutorial seems to be one of the steps. :-( Hope you are able to edit and correct it in time for the contest. :-)