Picture of Pokéfan costume: Snorlax
This fairly simple Snorlax costume is great for Halloween or any day you want to show your love of that big, sleepy Pokémon.

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
You will need:
- a hooded sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket (either in Snorlax green or a dyeable color/matierial)
- dark green dye (if your sweatshirt is not this color to begin with)
- tan fabric
- scissors
- needle and thread
- a sewing machine (optional, to expedite the 6th step)
- a CD
- something to mark on the sweatshirt
Pyrowuzzup7 years ago
i like the simplicity. ver cute. but am i totally insane or is snorlax black?
totally insane.
   Snorlax is a handsome blue-green
chuCraft (author)  Pyrowuzzup7 years ago
The dye did turn out a little too light, but Snorlax is sort of a greenish color.

Snorlax - Google Image Search
SuperTails6 years ago
Looks really nice but what you should be is pikachu.
Electrify him and it would be the end for him.
yes but what would happen if Snorlax accidentally sat on Picachu, now that i would pay to see. =]
wootsnorlax6 years ago
yay, now i can express my love for snorlax :D thanks so much :)
StoryAddict6 years ago
My mom made a tummy cutout of white material some years ago that was sewn to a golden-yellowish sweatshirt as part of a "Simba" costume I wore for school, and I used the same cutout my freshman year in college four years ago that I had safety-pinned (from the inside) to a darker tannish-gold one to be Tenderheart of the Carebears. I wish I had known how to maker ears though - those are cool! Although, I did have this chincy golden bear mask I got from a dollar store that was relative the same color and there were already ears on it, so I just had like a fathead with my hood pulled up. Still, if I ever do it again, I know how to make it, now! Thanks! I would highly suggest the safety-pins though for anyone who doesn't want to keep the costume long - that way you can undo it and use the hoodie for normal wear (mine was actually a zip-up, so I had to cover that, but it was just as effective, really).
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
I second that.
Sunny1246137 years ago
HA funny,yet cheap 5/5 stars
Vidar_767 years ago
Nice intructable! But a but absurd for me, the swedish word for snot is "snor" and the "lax" means salmon. Snot-salmon? Doesnt sound so tasty :D
chuCraft (author)  Vidar_767 years ago
Thank you! I'm sure I'll remember that bit of Swedish language trivia, too, as it's quite amusing.
bob314157 years ago
Hi I'm from Ecuador. Your instructable is very funny! LOL!!!!
Mr. Deeds7 years ago
I'm sure people won't stare on the streets.
nerfer1927 years ago
um............. okay then
micronxd7 years ago
lol the girl in pic 2 looks cute in that :P
chuCraft (author)  micronxd7 years ago
Thanks! .
rredmon7 years ago
wow...how old are you?
u took my statement lol...and WOW..i think he/she...IT is like 40ish...
komies7 years ago
This is simple, but incredible. i love it!