Pokelove -- colour co-ordinated two-layer mini cakes!

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     Back when I was an actual child, and it was actually appropriate to be interested in such things, all my siblings and I were fanatical about Pokemon. Not the card game so much, although we did collect and horde the cards just to look through them and trade and bicker. But we were entirely bought and sold by the cartoon. I remember once when we were trapped at my Oma and Opa's house in the next city with a Pokemon marathon a mere half an hour away (four back-to-back episodes with TWO BRAND NEW EPISODES ZOMGONDFKLJSDLKFJ). We finally whined and wheedled our way home, and during the entire car ride back, we were watching the clock with tense breathing and accelerated heat beats, screaming out the theme song and the Pokerap over and over again. Super charming, sorry bout that Dad!
     This year, as an actual adult, I got an awesome half-sphere silicone mold for Christmas and despite all my adult-ness, the first thing I thought of doing was creating some Pokeball mini-cakes. To make it even cooler, I co-ordinated the inner layers to match the colours of the pokeball. And with all that red-and-white, we were already halfway there, so I went whole-hog and made them into wee tiny Valentine's cakes. This is how I did it and how you can, too!
PinkSmurph1 year ago
Can you use modeling chocolate instead of fondant?
abarthol1 year ago
This is a great instructable. I'll be doing my best to follow your instructions tonight.
smokey22992 years ago
It is awesome was what I meant
smokey22992 years ago
karalalala2 years ago
OMFGHFATSPHERICALKITTENCAKES. Can you please, please, make me a full size one of those. With wonk eyes? Oh god... you are my hero.
Frederbee2 years ago
Oh my, but those last kitties are lovely. Also the pokeballs, but those are less cute and more cool ^^
Im soo sorry i've got one more question for you! Do you think a pound cake could work for this recipe? Im trying to look for denser cake mixes and i'm caught between using white cake or pound cake. Do you have a personal preference?
h0n3y5un5h1n3 (author)  Rocksinmysocks2 years ago
I used Rose Levy Beranbaum's "White Velvet Cake", which is a really nice, sturdy and super moist white cake. (If you're ever looking for cake recipes, she is a super-reliable person--everything I've made from her books turn out perfectly.) A pound cake should do the trick too, though! I like the lighter colour of the white cake for this project because I think it looks cool when you bite into it, but the texture is more important than the colour. Hope that helps!
Hey there! This is such a cuuute instructable! I was just wondering what the diameter of the circle cookie cutter was! I don't have any circle cookie cutters at home and I dont really want to buy a million cookie cutters to get the perfect fit! Thanks so much!
h0n3y5un5h1n3 (author)  Rocksinmysocks2 years ago
Hey there! Im glad you like it! The mold is 2" half spheres, and I will measure the size of the circle cutter I used when I go home on Monday. If you make them Id love to see a pic!
scoochmaroo2 years ago
OMG! Those are the cutest mini cakes ever! And I love that fancy schmancy punch :) Very, very awesome!
You had me at Pokemon... but then I saw the kittens!!!

:D Too much cute!