Step 5: How to Hatch

To hatch the egg, all you need is your bike and usually less than 10mins. Just, as i asid before, bike around until you hatch your pokemon. the easiest way to hatch 5 pokemon eggs is that you get the eggs, bring your toughest pokemon and bike back and forth from solaceon to twinleaf town. Hope this helped you! This is my first instructable.
Btw, you CAN'T get legendary eggs.
I love Pokemon! Sinnoh is one of my favourite regions, so I'm glad you have the games.
Dude, my lugia egg wont hatch...
Usually, Legandary's eggs take longer than usual.
<p>No offense, legendaries can't breed. Therefore, there is no such thing as legendary eggs.</p>
how long hav u been walking around with it?<br />
A good place to ride your bike in HeartGold and SoulSilver is through Goldenrod City and Route 34 as it is right next to the Day Care Center and earns about 125 steps.
i like to coast up and down route 17. it has somewhat of an incline to it so you don't even have to press any buttons to travel down it.
Friend , This explains rather nicely how to do it . <br /> <br /> ...But, Sinnoh is the fourth generation, not the fifth . <br /> <br /> Nice 'ible BTW<br />
Hmm, well i ought to fix that huh? Ill be on it!
hmm, this reminds me I have a shaymin egg, hmm<br />
how do you get the shaymin egg. is it a action replay
@scizor. Thanks, ill be sure to add that when i have the time

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