Picture of Pokemon Cheat: Get Unlimited Rare Candies
Is Pokemon too hard for you? With this cheat you will be able to get unlimited rare candies, and get your Pokemon to level 100.

Materials Needed:
Pokemon red or blue version
1 rare candy 
Pokemon that can fly
Pokemon that can surf
Access to Cinnabar Island

Step 1: Turn on Gameboy

Picture of Turn on Gameboy
Turn the switch to the "ON" position.
jsmith26210 months ago
First of all missingno is NOT a pokemon he is a software glitch look it up and second this "hack" has been public knowledge since pokemon red came out in the United States
Wow! Why didn't I know this as a kid? Does this work on everything; eg. Master Balls or TMs?
ReidRagangz2 years ago
Nice!!! Works super good!
OH MY GOODNESS!!! I've been looking for something like this for EVER! this is a huge help to me. Thank you ms. cajjohansson