Pokemon Gardevoir Mask





Introduction: Pokemon Gardevoir Mask

This foam build made from eva foam 6mm foam.the eyes are spray painted on but you you do free hand I just was cutting corners on this one.

Step 1: The Template

Use the template here for assembly,make 2 of each part for a left and right .You don't really need the long peace its just for more head support.Later you gonna make a V shape for the head part for the hair.

Step 2: Assembly

Step 3: The Face

Step 4: The Eyes

Step 5: Put Together



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    How do you get those templates?

    I make the templates myself you should check out my you tube page I just started just look up Fanb.w.o .i also I will start have a few pdf of my templates up soon I will attach them to my you tube tutorials I have.thanks for checking me out on instructables Check out my highlight reel of stuff I did over the years on you tube FANB.W.O.I.ALet me know if there a character I can make i will do a tutorial on it.dueces

    Don't give up on posting new things! Editing takes some getting used to!

    Great Instructable!

    Sorry my instructions are so choppy had a hard time trying to figire out how to post.Hopefully i can do better with the rest of the stuff i have made.Thanks you for commenting.