Pokemon Gardevoir Mask





Introduction: Pokemon Gardevoir Mask

About: I'm a huge Naruto fan,make cosplay mask in my spare time.Xbox 1 gamer and draw sometimes.Favorite shows are c.w the flask,arrow,and supergirl.to see a reel of my builds check me out on youtube(Fan B.w.o.i)i ...

This foam build made from eva foam 6mm foam.the eyes are spray painted on but you you do free hand I just was cutting corners on this one.

Step 1: The Template

Use the template here for assembly,make 2 of each part for a left and right .You don't really need the long peace its just for more head support.Later you gonna make a V shape for the head part for the hair.

Step 2: Assembly

Step 3: The Face

Step 4: The Eyes

Step 5: Put Together



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    I make the templates myself you should check out my you tube page I just started just look up Fanb.w.o .i also I will start have a few pdf of my templates up soon I will attach them to my you tube tutorials I have.thanks for checking me out on instructables Check out my highlight reel of stuff I did over the years on you tube FANB.W.O.I.ALet me know if there a character I can make i will do a tutorial on it.dueces

    Don't give up on posting new things! Editing takes some getting used to!

    Sorry my instructions are so choppy had a hard time trying to figire out how to post.Hopefully i can do better with the rest of the stuff i have made.Thanks you for commenting.