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Introduction: Pokemon Go Inspired Makeup

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NO idea why I did this, but I hope you enjoy. XP


Step 1: Poke Lips

So for the lips I did a pokeball.

I started of by outlining the circles in the center of the ball, I used black body paint.

Then I filled in the top lip with red body paint.

After that I filled in the center and bottom lip with white body paint.

Next I outlined the lips with black body paint then used some black eye shadow to smoke it out.

Step 2: Mystic Side

For one eye I decided to do team Mystic.

I stated off with a white base by used the NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK.

After that I took a bright blue eyeshadow and placed in on the lid and drug it up a little on the side, I used a makeup brush handle to help keep a sharp edge.

I then grabbed a darker blue shadow to smoke out the blue a little.

I got a silver shadow and placed it under the brow and on the inner corner of the eye.

Next I got a blue eyeliner and gave myself a wing, but I made the wing look like the wing of the Mystic.

Step 3: Brow for Mystic

I used a purple mascara as the base then I used a few different blues to fill it in. I also drug a little bit of that color down the nose.

Step 4: Valor Side

Again I used the white jumbo eye pencil to over the eye.

Next I got a hot pink color for all over the lid.

I got red eye shadow to blend into that and drug it up a little.

I then took silver shadow and put it under the brow and on the inner corner.

I then took a red eyeliner and made the valor wing

Step 5: Valor Eyebrow

I did the same steps as the blue side. pretty simple. haha.



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