Introduction: Pokemon Ranger Styler

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This is my FIRST Instructable on How to make a Capture Styler from Pokémon.
I made this because NO ONE has made a working model that is easy to make and cheap. So I will be the first!
Kid's get your parents help before you try to do this. Super glue and paint are NOT Toy's! You should never use them without adult's help.

Step 1: What You Need

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1. Some kind of Children's Fake Phone (Flip would be better)
2. Red Spray Paint
3. Ranger Logo
4. Super Glue
5. Bey Blade Launcher with Bey ( red launcher preferably ) (bey doesn't matter for the type)
6. Silver Spray Paint.
7. Regular Glue

Step 2: Types of "Phone's"

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Any type of basic children's phone will do... but for the best affect, get a flip phone with some kind of antenna. The phone should be  thick and tall.

Step 3: Painting

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Spray paint the "Phone" Red
and the Bey Silver.
DO NOT Spray the launcher silver, if necessary, spray red to match phone.
Cover the Number key's with Duck tape so you still have the number's when spraying the key area.

Step 4: Add Logo

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This is the Pokémon Ranger logo that I made by HAND because I could not find it out there.
Cut Logo out and place it on the Phone. (The Front due to the fact the launcher will go on the back) Use regular glue to put on logo or whatever glue you feel safe using. Drag image onto desk top to get it.

Step 5: Superglue

Picture of Superglue

Super glue the bey launcher onto the back of you new ranger capture styler. Let it dry for at least a day and DON'T TOUCH IT!!! It needs to make a secure connection to the plastic.

Step 6: "Capture On"

Picture of "Capture On"

Congratulation's you have completed your Capture Styler!


MrZeroTFennekin (author)2017-10-24

- Beyblade and launcher: Got them!

- Super glue: Got it!

- Spray paints: I think so...

- Cheap cell toy: I have a Beyblade and real folder-type cellphones but not a toy version, should be the other way around! xD

Ranie-K (author)2013-02-23

Please don't use those copyrighted photos. You own photos is plenty good enough.

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