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This is my FIRST Instructable on How to make a Capture Styler from Pokémon.
I made this because NO ONE has made a working model that is easy to make and cheap. So I will be the first!
Kid's get your parents help before you try to do this. Super glue and paint are NOT Toy's! You should never use them without adult's help.

Step 1: What you Need

Picture of What you Need
1. Some kind of Children's Fake Phone (Flip would be better)
2. Red Spray Paint
3. Ranger Logo
4. Super Glue
5. Bey Blade Launcher with Bey ( red launcher preferably ) (bey doesn't matter for the type)
6. Silver Spray Paint.
7. Regular Glue
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Please don't use those copyrighted photos. You own photos is plenty good enough.