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Pokemon seems to draw so much attention... How to build on it? I got my kids to draw their own. After several versions (trial and horrors: alignment was tricky!) I nailed down this template. Print several copies and let THEM do the cutting! (Regular scissors. I made them try zig-zag scissors... don't try it: doesn't work!)

Get your kids making up their own! Make up their own names, values, designs and characters. Here is the template.

Step 1: Print, Cut, Paint...

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That's it!


Zygarde-EXE (author)2017-03-31

not much, forgive me on this

TheInstructablesRobotRobotics made it! (author)2016-12-18


alejogomez (author)2015-10-30

Taa daaaaa!

tomatoskins (author)2015-10-30

Cool! I'd love to see some picture of the creations your kids came up with!

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