PokemonGo Catch Machine!




Introduction: PokemonGo Catch Machine!

So, Pokémon Go is the latest craze, make sure you know how to hack the game!

Use SAM, Lego, a pen and a rubber band to throw the ball without any shame.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1. Grab a pen, rubber band, a box of Lego, and your SAM blocks.

2. Sieve through to find some gears and cock-stops.

3. Assemble an L-shaped Lego dock.

Step 2: Add in the Action

1. Create a Lego stretcher for the pen and band it together tightly.

2. Make sure it's secured, so it doesn't move slightly.

3. Add the SAM Lego holster to the slide by pressing and securing it to the Legos lightly.

4. Use a Lego gear to make the pen rotate, making sure will catch the SAM Dc Motor rightly.

Step 3: Assemble!

1. Put your SAM Dc motor into the Lego hold.

2. Put your phone into the phone cradle and prepare for solid gold.

Step 4: Turn on Your SAMs

1. Grab you SAM DC Motor and the Slider, as well.

2. Turn them both on and open SAM Space to excel.

3. Drag them onto the canvas and connect them to get the motor to propel.

4. Open Pokémon Go and cast your gaming spell.

Step 5: Hack and Play!

1. Now you've got a hack that works, give your thumbs a break for dessert!

Did you know it's Pi Approximation Day?

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