Polar Bear Martini





Introduction: Polar Bear Martini

The perfect holiday drink!

This lovely little cocktail has a great festive taste and won't stain your sofa when your guests inevitably spill it after one too many!

The only thing "martini" about this drink is the glass. You can make it a nice and sweet girly drink or throw in some vodka for extra kick.

Step 1: What You'll Need

-creme de menthe (clear-white, not green)
-creme de cacao

-chocolate sticks
-shot glass
-martini glass
-cocktail shaker
-food colouring
-swanky party

Step 2: Recipe

Basic Recipe:

1 part creme de menthe
1 part creme de cacao

add 1 part vodka to really get the party started

To better impress your guests:

Shake it over ice in a cocktail shaker and garnish with a chocolate stir stick

For even more festive flair:
Add a coloured sugar rim by mixing a few drops of food colouring with sugar and dipping the glass in water and then the sugar before pouring the drink
You can also garnish it with a mini candy cane or mint leaf



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    I used to make these for customers when I was a bartender many, many years ago, but I never thought much of them till I saw this fabulous photo you took of yours..... love it.

    lol, is the swanky party a required ingredient?

    You left out half-n-half in the options to make this a white grasshopper.  ; )