Polar Bear Tubes





Introduction: Polar Bear Tubes

Do you go fishing or camping. Then this project is for you.

Step 1: Materials

1. 2" PVC pipe

2. 2" PVC pipe cap

3. PVC Cleaner

4. PVC Cement

Step 2: Cleaning

Clean the inside of the cap and the outside of your pipe. Attach the cap to the pipe with some PVC cement.

Step 3: Filling

Fill the pipe halfway up with water. Then attach the other cap to the other end of the pipe and let it dry for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Freeze

After the cement drys put in the freezer until frozen then you're good.



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    I like it! Elegant, simple and effective.
    Addon ideas:
    Put scrap rebar or other dense metal, stones or sand in with fluid to dramatically increase it's thermal mass and therefor it's cooling capacity.
    Alcohol would be useful in a prepper way.

    But how do you administer these to the polar bears?

    Like Henry said butt quickly!

    ok um way to many negative comments on this it is actually a very great IBLE! Well Done. A few ideas

    A.) instead of water you could use an inexpensive but high proof alcohol. or isoprofol(sp) the fluid would then stay liquid and you might have a fuel source if for some reason you needed to make a fire in a hurry.

    B.) instead of PVC you could just use hose barbs and caps and use flexible tubing so that you could bend the ice pack into different shapes before freezing.

    I've seen these elsewhere, filled to 90%. I'm sure someone has written the expansion size of water somewhere :)

    Also saw some recommendation for salt water, as it apparently freezes lower and takes more energy to melt.

    You can custom fit them to your ice chest so they wouldn't waste as much space.

    The only disadvantage that I see, is there isn't as much mass? as a jug, so I would think they would melt faster/not last as long?

    Also, if you fill them with a salt water mixture they should stay frozen longer.

    What makes these better than filling a bottle and freezing?

    I think the advantage is that you can cut the tubes to custom fit your cooler.

    This ible came from http://www.sheltonproducts.com/Coolertips.html , which is a site run by a guy named Bill Shelton. His intention for the tubes is as a substitute for ice in your fishing cooler. I suppose it may work to keep your drinks cool also.