clean snow right off the plant is a perfect blank medium.
but muddy dirty snow?! what do you do! 
why, make a bottle icy coke of course

this polar bear sits right across the snow elephant
weirdly enough, i was drinking cola while seeing this, ;> .
Awesome job with the polar bear, but you totally should've used a real glass bottle of coke! It would've been epic! Or possibly could have printed out a fake coke label proportioned for the bottle, that way it'd really look like an icy bottle of coke!
now that i think about it, why not freeze a bottle of coke, crack the bottle away, and just use the frozen coke itself? or better yet, freeze some greenish water so it looks like the glass bottle<br><br>possibilities are endless
Agreed, especially freezing the coke and then breaking away the glass, it'd be interesting to make a mold of the bottle itself and then freeze coke in the mold, it'd make for an interesting effect
Awesome!!! I wish I had snow ;(
I wish I had sun:(
I do too.... XD
Love the polar bear. The Polar Cola company is in Worcester Ma. When driving on 290 we always see a Polar Cola balloon bear. Yours BEARS and amazing resemblance. :). Great job. <br><br>In Florida at the Gaylord Palms they have a fantastic exhibition called ICE.<br>Check it out.<br><br>Link:<br>http://www.gaylordhotels.com/gaylord-palms/best-of-florida-christmas/ice-experience/video-photo-galleries.html?intcmp=gp-pl=lNav-cid=bofc-ice-gallery<br>
Great work!
best EVER, you look like a chinese seller,<br>are you?<br>what do u sell? can a sell me a piece? <br>i like u alot, since the sow contest 1 u've been my favorite.<br>thanks for your number. i wish i can see u again<br>
great !!!
That looks fabulous!
Fantastic job!
Nice work!
really cool. <br>What did you use for the eyes and nose?
thanks<br>they are just pieces of coal or pebble I found around the house
so lovely
cool I hope you win
Nice one!
2 thumbs up!
I love this. Great work.

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