I knitted a polar bear and showed it to my one of friends. Then he asked "Does this bear go fishing?" and this gave me an inspiration to make his fishing rod and fish.
Really adorable
This - is - so -CUTE!! <br> <br>nice work
Thank you Slargate for posting a comment.<br /> <br /> I put wire inside so this polar&nbsp;bear can hold any poses in front of camera. And fish scales are made of washers. When I dropped at DIY&nbsp;shop and saw bolts, nuts, and washers, I thought these can be used for &quot;amigurumi&quot;. In fact, the bolts are very good materials for &quot;amigurumi&quot;s eyes. I&nbsp;like this spontaneous knitting :)
This polar bear is so sweet and the fish and bait are so funny!<br />

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