Introduction: Polar/Teddy Bear

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My first project in Blender! It's a Christmas-y bear. It started off as a polar bear, but the fur is a bit too fuzzy so I guess it's more of a teddy bear now. Up to you.

Step 1: Make Some Spheres

I started off this project by taking a large sphere and used Blender's vertex warp to mold the main body into the shape. Then I made 3 more spheres, one for the front legs, one for the back legs, and one for the head.

Step 2: Mirror the Legs

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Since legs are asymmetrical on their own, I couldn't just duplicate the each leg and move it over; I had to mirror them. I used the mirror modifier in Blender to do just this and it came out perfectly.

Step 3: Add Hair

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Blender has a built-in hair particle system that I used to give the bear texture. Each segment of the polar bear (i.e. each leg, the torso, and the head) has roughly 5000 individual hairs that have various attributes that I assigned.

Step 4: Convert Particles to a Curve

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It took me a while to realize that the hair particles aren't actually part of the STL; only Blender can see them. I had to convert the hairs into a curve so that they would be part of the mesh when I exported it.

Step 5: Add the Ring

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Finally, I added the ring for the ornament to hang from by just using the torus shape.


nwheeler5 (author)2014-11-10

PS: Made this for my high school engineering class.

wilgubeast (author)2014-11-10

Oooo... furry 3D printing. Sounds like a job for a DLP printer.

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