Picture of Polariscope From a Discarded LCD Monitor
A polariscope is two polarizers that are turned so that they block the light from behind. Transparent items, especially plastics, exhibit color bands when they are positioned between the plates. These bands and fringes are interesting as they are, but can also be used as components in other digital creations, similar to the way flames are used to create “Fiery Effects”.
LCD displays have a liquid crystal fluid between two polarized plates. These plates can be removed and used to make a polariscope. You can also photograph the patterns by using just one plate along with a polarizing filter on the camera.

Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
An unwanted LCD monitor with no cracks in the screen.
Some single edge razor blades or thin knife blade.
Screwdrivers for removing the screen.
A light source to use with the polarizer screens. I used the screen of a discarded LED TV set.
Photo 1 shows the screen and the tools you need.
novelchip11 months ago

cool and beautiful !

WriterChick2 years ago
Extremely ingenious!