Polarized Filter From 3D Glasses





Introduction: Polarized Filter From 3D Glasses

If you go and see a 3D movie in a theater chances are you will be wearing polarized glasses to separate the left and right images. You can use the lenses from these to make your own polarized filter for your camera. Here's a quick how-to video



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    Huh I had a similar idea a few days ago, needs a bit of refining though since the 'lens' ended up with a curve once I removed it from the frame, strangely enough the pair I dismantled were realD 3D glasses as well.

    I'd love to see a step by step Instructable for this.

    to watch 3d moviz!!!!

    The main use for polarized filters is to reduce glare and reflections: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polarizing_filter_%28Photography%29

    Nice job! There are two different kinds of polarized glasses being used for 3D movies: Linear Polarized (LP) and Circular Polarized (CP). It looks like you used LP filters because they cause much more darkening when crossed polarized than CP filters. The professional tuned Neutral Density (ND) filters lenses use one of each.

    Easy way to check - put them on and look in a mirror - if the lenses look black (or at least very dark) they are circularly polarized.

    Cheers, Light_Lab

    that's great!
    I hope, i can do it with my 3d glasses =)