If you throw a snowball, you might be able to hit something 30 feet away. But if you use a pole mounted snowball launcher, you could hit targets up to 60 feet away. In this project I am going to show you how to make a simple pole snowball launcher that can send snowballs flying great distances.

Step 1: Materials

Materials for a single snowball launcher:
Long Wooden Pole (such as a broom handle)
1/4" Bolt, 1 1/2" long
Two 1/4" Washers
1/4" Nut
Cup or Bowl (anything that can hold a snowball)
Drill and Bit Set

<p>Now if this isn't the most unnecessary thing that I definately need to have! :) Brilliant!</p>
<p>How about Water Balloons?</p>
<p>That would certainly work.</p>
In the summer can you throw other stuff marbles rocks etc.<br>
<p>An improved version would be to ditch the cup and attach a sling to the end of the staff. (Google search &quot;staff sling&quot;)</p>
Definitely. That give you over double the effective range of motion. I may have to do that next winter.
<p>Definitely the best instructable of the day and perhaps the winter for us getting so much of the white stuff in the Mid-Atlantic East coast..</p>
<p>Real badass project ;) But please never drill holes in a coconut that way again. It's the best way to get the drill going straight through your hand - I ripped off a few nerves &amp; tendons that way, two years ago...</p>
You are right. I changed the picture.
<p>I'd agree with Bricobart. It'd be far safer to put the open end of the coconut on a flat surface (preferably a grippy one like a block of rubber or something) and drill it that way...eek</p>

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