Police Throwie





Introduction: Police Throwie

More of an idea then a hardcore instruction. Playing idly with stuff on my desk, I noticed these look a lot like a police red/blue light, something I once freaked out over when my son was playing with a red/green/blue flashing ring with the green broken in the back seat. Seeing it out of the corner of your eye has a near-visceral reaction, especially when driving.

Step 1: Supplies

Two LEDs, one blue, one red flasher.
Battery (here a 2032, but any 3v or two stacked 1.5v ought to do)
Magnet (optional, if intended for metal attachment)

Step 2: Build

Attach both LEDs as per https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Throwies/ to the battery, tape up with magnet. The blue LED will glow, but when the red blinker blinks it will temporarily overpower it. This results in a blue glow interrupted by red flashes. It won't exactly look like The Man showing up under close scrutiny, but from a distance seen briefly it's very powerful.

Step 3: Done

Demo vid. I know this is a bit brief and more of an idea then an instruction, but it'll sure freak people out seen at night.



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    Someone said to put them in the rear window of a car, but thats probably illegal. Something about distracted drivers.... But it would be so fun to pull over a friend!

    yer that would be pretty cool i like the way u think!!!!!!!!!!.......

    In the US it's called "impersonating a police officer" and the charges are hefty. The idea is that they don't want civilians to have the ability to "pull over a friend" b/c it doesn't have to be your friend, and you don't have to be nice (ie. beat the crap out of them, kidnapping, etc) after pulling them over.


    Put one on your cycle helmet and ride up slowly behind a car parked in a dark lane...

    i dont think that would really work because if cops want to pull someone over then they would usually put there sirens on . If you had the time u could go and get some stuff to make a siren but other wise........ i am going to build a siren sometime this week so if i get it done and if i have the time i will post it on here

    Not sure that would be wise... cycling up behind the car parked in a dark lane/alley, just to have the occupants step out wielding hand guns, knives, etc. while puffing on joints.

    LOL - I meant a rural lane, where the cars tend to be rocking slightly...

    Oh, no you don't, I wasn't there, it was somebody else with the same car as me...

    ... Oh, you understand me... ah... >blush<

    Get your mind out of the gutter Kiteman. Seriously jk :)