I recently bought a knife and I did not like the satin finish on it. I wanted to polish it and make it shiny.

Step 1: Step One

For this knife I wanted to make the whole thing shiny. So the first step is to take the knife apart. Pretty simple.

Step 2: Needed Supplies.

Start with a lower grit sand paper but no lower than 200. Move up to 400, 600, and as far as you want. the important part is making sure you get all the scratches out from the last sand. you can even use. polishing wheel to make it really shiny.

Step 3: Finished

It is a pretty simple process. I went up to 1500 grit to get a nice polished look. the camera didn't allow me to capture the nice mirror finish. Hope you enjoyed this very small tutorial.
<p>Your knife looks great, very nicely done!</p>

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